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Jan 14, 2011

Inbound Web access

I have a question regarding setting up inbound access to my companies webserver [forgive me if this is too basic for this forum but I have read the appropriate manuals in the knowledgebase and couldnt get a satisfactory answer. I recently took over this role and I'm new to F5's].



For outbound traffic we currently have multihoming setup on out F5s with a primary 100MB link and a backup 4MB link. All internet traffic is routed out the 100MB, if this link goes offline we failover to the 4MB link and this works as required.



For inbound traffic we want to be able to be able to assign 2 IP addresses to our web server [one from each ISP] and have all inbound traffic connect via the primary ISP address [lets call it] and if that goes offline users will still be able to connect to the same URL via the backup ISP IP address [lets call it].



I have setup the appropriate virtual servers linking and to the internal ip address of our web server and both ip addresses can be pinged from the web. I can HTTP to ok but if I try to HTTP to it fails [internet explorer cannot display the web page]. [Both servers have exactly the same access through our firewall].



Will the address only be accessible from the web once we have failed over to the 4MB link or should I be able to HTTP to it from the web at anytime?



Also do I need to setup an Inbound Wide IP to be able to access this server via the same URL? [i.e. web users connect to which resolves to Then our primary ISP goes offline and is no longer accessible. Will now resolve to because the Inbound Wide IP advertises it or will BGP still be needed?]



Any advice would be much appreciated.





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