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Jun 22, 2022

Implementation BIG-IP with BIG-IQ #Help!

Hello everyone,
I would like to know how is it possible to implement a BIG-IP that is productive, without affecting it too much so that it can be monitored with BIG-IQ? Thanks

The labs in BIG-IQ are new equipment without configurations.

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  • One thing I've done is to ensure my object naming conventions - VIP, Self, VLANs, etc. - also identify what data center and / or what unit the object exists on. When you do that, you can easily identify a VIP that exists in DC1:BIG-IP1 versus an object on DC3:BIG-IP2 just by looking at it in BIG-IQ. When I have not done this, I see a million SelfIPs that all look the same.. I can't tell my Drupal VIP in DC1 from my Drupal VIP in DC2, etc.

    Is this what you ewre looking for?