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Oct 07, 2020

IGEL Cloud Gateway and F5 Silverline DDoS Proxy

Does anyone have any experience or setup where they’ve been able place a service such as the IGEL Cloud gateway service behind an F5 Silverline DDoS Proxy?


We are finding that the thin clients connect and register with the back-end server, but the F5 is then terminating the websocket connection that the ICG Agent on the Thin Client is expecting to always be active for as long as the Thin Client is switched on. We understand that the backend server sends websocket keepalive packets, but don’t think these are getting back to the Thin Clients.


We currently have had F5 support looking into this and tried a Full Proxy with custom iRule, but this broke the service completely as the IGEL service doesn’t support any form of SSL inspection/offloading as they only support SSL Bridge Mode.

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