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Jun 06, 2012

iControl's LTConfig module

As we consider upcoming development here at f5, we came up with some questions to ask you:



1) Are you using iControl's LTConfig module?


2) If so, which classes/class instances and fields are you accessing?


3) If we changed in upcoming releases to implement what I call a "canned" interface for the resources you are accessing, how easy or hard would it be for you to switch your code to using that interface? To explain, the "canned" interface term I am using here means the normal iControl approach, a dedicated interface like Management::SNMPConfiguration, which has very specific methods like Management::SNMPConfiguration::set_generic_traps_v2 that take specific data and data types rather than the LTConfig approach which uses only strings as data types and which has generic access like LTConfig::Field::set_values (where you specify the class instances and fields to set, as well as all the values, as strings).

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  • I do quite a bit with the LocalLB and GlobalLB modules, some with System. But I have never used the LTConfig module.