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Oct 25, 2011

iControl Event Notification: Attribute - username




basically I want to implement my own audit system using the Event Notification System. Thus I need to know the username that changed an object. However, I'm having a problem with Event Notifications. The username attribute (who initiated a change) is allways "Unknown".



According to the docs, it should contain the real username.



Does this work?


Is there a working sample in devcentral?



SYSTEM: LTM 6900, 10.2.0 HF2





Kurt Knochner

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  • I answered this in your other thread, but I'll do so here as well. The username was originally included in the API as a forward option as that info was supposed to get included at a future date in the configuration daemon. But, alas, that hasn't happened yet so for now, the username is going to be empty. Sorry about that.
  • Hi Joe,



    I'd prefer to talk about the user issue in this thread, as I consider the other one as "solved". So, here we go:



    Is there any way to get the name of the user who changed the config? Audit logging provides that information, so it must be available somewhere. However, the audit log is written by httpd, which obviously knows the user name. Maybe you could scan /var/log/audit within eventd (similar to alertd) and create Events for any audit log entry ;-))



    Any idea how I can solve my problem, i.e. implement my own "audit/config change" tracker that also includes the user name?