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Dec 11, 2022


Hello   Please advise on server configuartion required for the attached configuration  Please advised on hw, and esxi  as well      Part Number quantity Product description F5-BI...
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    Dec 11, 2022


    you should contact a technical consultant from F5 team to provide you with the exact resources for each VE solution based on your environment and the number of applications and provisioned modules as well.

    But as a start, you can check each item code, for example [F5-ADD-BIG-LTM-VE-04] this add-on LTM license needs an additional 4 vCPUs.

    For the high performance license, it depends on the published services and traffic on the F5, you can start with 8 CPUs, 32 RAM, and 100GB. But these numbers are not constant for all installations and might be subject to change more or less, as I mentioned the resources depends on many factors.


    Mohamed Salah