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May 05, 2011

HTTP Profile that onlys send X-FORWARDED-PROTO header spontaneously broke

Hi all, Hopefully this is an easy one.



I have a HTTP Profile that is mirrored from the default parent http Profile with the only difference being the header insert of X-FORWARDED-PROTO: http and it just recently stopped working. No traffic was getting sent down to the web servers. I have the same setup on a test VIP and it works fine.



Has anyone heard of such a thing? We're on BipIP v9



Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi John,



    No traffic was being sent from LTM to the pool? Do you have reason to think this was related to the custom HTTP profile? If you run a tcpdump on the serverside VLAN, do you see any connection attempts being made?



    This might be relatively quick for F5 Support to diagnose via a case. They'll be able to review your config and suggest some tests.