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Jan 21, 2011

HTTP POST not working through F5

hi all,



had problem with our primary F5 about 2 weeks ago, URL's were very slow for a particular vlan. Our service provider advised to reboot the F5, after reboot URL's started working again fine apart from 2 websites out of 450! Upon investigating these particular 2 websites, I noticed that these sites are used only as HTTP POST requests (not GET)



I've tried a few things Protocol profile change from lan optimisation to tcp for the /32 Virtual Server. Made a customised HTTP Profile just added HTTP1.0 requests so the F5 compresses responses to HTTP1.0 even though I can only see 1.1 responses from the server, still no change. Capture below:



36295 2011-01-21 08:17:42.691665 TCP 9497 > http [SYN] Seq=0 Win=4380 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=0 TSV=2811941550 TSER=0


36296 2011-01-21 08:17:42.692606 TCP http > 9497 [SYN, ACK] Seq=0 Ack=1 Win=5792 Len=0 MSS=1460 TSV=98987221 TSER=2811941550 WS=0


36297 2011-01-21 08:17:42.692616 TCP 9497 > http [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=4380 Len=0 TSV=2811941551 TSER=98987221


36298 2011-01-21 08:17:42.692626 HTTP POST /volbrokerstp/VolbrokerToDrkwSTP.jws [Packet size limited during capture]


36299 2011-01-21 08:17:42.693625 TCP http > 9497 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1369 Win=8208 Len=0 TSV=98987221 TSER=2811941551


36300 2011-01-21 08:17:42.704733 HTTP HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error [Packet size limited during capture]


36301 2011-01-21 08:17:42.710464 HTTP Continuation or non-HTTP traffic[Packet size limited during capture]


36302 2011-01-21 08:17:42.749130 TCP http > 9497 [FIN, ACK] Seq=749 Ack=2454 Win=10944 Len=0 TSV=98987226 TSER=2811941569


36303 2011-01-21 08:17:42.749141 TCP 9497 > http [ACK] Seq=2454 Ack=750 Win=5128 Len=0 TSV=2811941607 TSER=98987226


36304 2011-01-21 08:17:42.759374 TCP 9497 > http [FIN, ACK] Seq=2454 Ack=750 Win=5128 Len=0 TSV=2811941618 TSER=98987226


36305 2011-01-21 08:17:42.760297 TCP http > 9497 [ACK] Seq=750 Ack=2455 Win=10944 Len=0 TSV=98987227 TSER=2811941618



As you can above, the Apache returns 500 error, as the POST that it receives is not what it expects. Sometimes the POST works 1 in 3 approx. This problem has only occurred since the F5 reboot, prior there were no issues for 6 months plus



running 6900 LTM








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  • Hi Wellington,



    If you haven't done so already, I suggest opening a case with F5 Support to get help diagnosing this issue. It would be useful for them to see the client and serverside connections to troubleshoot this.