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Dec 15, 2010

HTTP monitors and Cookie persistence




I have Cookie persistence set up with a http content check monitor on the pool of servers. I am trying to confirm what happens with the active sessions ( from client to server ) when a member is marked down by a monitor.



My understanding is that the session will be dropped and the next retry will result in traffic being routed to the next server based on load balance method. Is this correct?



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  • Hi Troy,



    If the pool member is marked down, no new connections will be allowed to the pool member. Existing connections will be handled according to the 'Action on Service Down' setting on the pool. You can check the online help in the GUI for details on the options.



  • Thanks Aaron,



    Currently, that setting is "none" which according to the GUI online help states that no action will be taken until the next health check is done. I'm not really sure what that means as the failing health check is what will cause it to be marked down. I think I need to have service down action set to 'reselect' to ensure that the BIG-IP immediately selects another member to send the traffic to as soon as a member is marked down.
  • Aaron,



    Clarification to my last reply -- Based on your response, I am setting the action to "reselect" as I would like any "existing" connections to be redirected to another online member immediately if the current member handling the connection fails and is marked down.



    Thank you for the help,