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Apr 02, 2024

How to translate an existing bigip ltm configuration to a more recent version


Is there a method to translate an existing bigip ltm configuration (bigip i2800 version to a more recent version (rSeries 2600 Bases OS version 1.5.0 Service version 1.5.0..).

How is it possible to export and import configuration or pieces of configuration like hosts?

Can you explain me how to do this please ? With some examples of commands if you know.



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  • F5OS is a hypervisor than runs on rSeries appliances.

    "BIG-IP TMOS" is the tenant you run inside the hypervisor on rSeries, or on bare metal on iSeries or older platforms, or as a VM on vSphere or KVM, etc.

    So to migrate your config from your existing 15.x on iSeries to 15.x on rSeries, you'd typically:

    1- Make a UCS backup

    2- Deploy a 15.x tenant to F5OS

    3- Restore the UCS to the new tenant


    More info:



  • As Lucas described, the F5OS is just the hosting hypervisor.  The guest can run the same (or newer) version BIG-IP TMOS as the existing.