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Sep 13, 2011

How to send a email if a condition is executed?

Hi guys. I'm new to iRules and i need to make a rule where an email must be sent if a condition is verified.



In other topics i saw that we need to use a log statement and then link this to a email notification. How do i do this?




My real problem is this: we have a monitor for pool members and it makes a http request to check if the they are responding. We need to check if a word comes in the receive string, but it seems that the receive string does not contain the entire web page requested. How can i do to get this entire string?


And if the word does not come in the string, how to send an email to notify us?




Like i said, i'm new to it, so sorry if i wrote any illogical thing.






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  • There is a similar discussion thread here that may answer your question:





    You may also want to read this solution which covers sending E-mail notifications based on Alerts:





    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for your help Michael.



    I think that the solution to my problem is making an EAV to check a string in a HTTP response bigger than 5,120 bytes and use log to make email notification.