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Jul 29, 2011

how to insert cookie and persist to it

Hi,dear irule


I have a pool cjj which has 10 members ,ration is the load blance method



I need to insert cookie and persist with cookie ,


for example client1 ----->VS---->pool member1 ,then insert one cookie(session cookie) to it, then persist this connection to the same pool member.



when HTTP::request {


if [HTTP::uri] starts_with "help"


pool cjj


persist cookie insert BIGIP_ABURL 0





when I want to apply it to the VS,it told me I need to add a persist profile


but I don't want to add a profile.because there are 10 pools under this vs and in this irule(don't want to use persist none in them,too many pools)


it will affect them



1:how to resolve this?


2:in the rule above,I don't set the cookie value,bigip will set it atuomatically?


pls help


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