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Feb 28, 2011

How SNAT works

Hi guys,



i have created this irule to send traffic comming from network to a separate Pool







if { [IP::addr [IP::client_addr] /8 equals] }




pool my_pool


snatpool snat_pool







but i can't figure out how snat will work.



this is the isseu:



- i ma deploying an Active/Standby LC solution


- i have to use Private IP's as Big IP self-IP addresses since i don't have enough public Ip addresses.


- the snat pool is composed if two Public IP, one from each ISP



My question is:



- how the SNAT process works, how can the LC choose the correct ip to use with the correct ISP.







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  • As I recall, LC is smart enough to choose the proper SNAT IP based on the link selected.



    Quick question though - why not use the IPs from the SNATPool as your self-IPs and use AutoMap?