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Jan 10, 2014

How do I clear old Analytics data?

I have a 3600 redundant pair running 11.2.1 HF9. They are running Active/Standby with LTM provisioned as Nominal and AVR as Minimum. I was monitoring about 5 important applications using AVR for close to 3 months. I got an error message saying something about AVR running out of space and recommending to revise the provisioning of the module to get more resources. My goal with AVR is to have historical data on a few applications for a brief period of time (2 weeks is more than enough). The thing is that ever since that message I'm not seeing any data showing on the Analytics reports.


My questions are: Is there anything I need to do to delete the old Analytics data so that the module starts collecting new data again? Is there a best practice or troubleshoot manual on how to manage Analytics data collection/deletion?


Thanks in advance.


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    Hi, I don't see any troubleshooting information for AVR unfortunately. This is the typical method for resetting the stats. Will take a minute for monpd to return after restart:

    touch /var/avr/init_avrdb
    bigstart restart monpd
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    Thanks for the reply. I opened a support case and they told me to try those same commands. After I executed them, they did reset the Analytics graphs. I didn't reset the global performance stats, nor the LTM stats. I started seeing some Analytics stats/graphs 15 minutes later. Other graphs that have to do with http level stats (URLs, User Agents, Response Codes, etc.) and client IP address stats are still not working. The support engineer also suggested an upgrade to 11.4.1 and changing the AVR provisioning from Mimimum to Nominal. Those two will require a maintenance window so I haven't been able to try them.