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Jan 25, 2019

history of requests routed to pool

How can we check the history of requests routed to pool ?


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  • Hi CK,

    If you are looking for simple logging, can be done through Irule,

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    set client_info [IP::client_addr]:[TCP::client_port]
    set url [HTTP::header Host][HTTP::uri]
    log local0. "Client Source IP: $client_info is requesting URL: $url " 

    Or if you have AVR provisioned, haven't tried. But from what I've read, it has detailed statistics collections.

  • Logging on the F5 for requests sent to pool member can overwhelm the device in terms of log memory. I would recommend trying to limit the logging to specific pool member and incoming client request based on IP or header information and sending the logs to a remote server. This article is a good start. You would have to explore remote logging if you think the data will be voluminous.


  • Hi CK,


    With PBA(port block allocation) you can log the SRC(IP&PORT) and DST(IP&PORT).It use less space .