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Oct 16, 2023

Heavy URL Protection


Recently practiced heavy duty URL protection in a lab environment...
How can I use DVWA or an auction to demonstrate successful use of this feature?
How can I demonstrate this in a lab environment?

Any help is appreciate.

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  • Hi SanYang,

    what would you expect to see as a succesful demonstration of Heavy URL protection working?

    The idea is, that you use BaDOS - which is L7 DDoS protection based on Machine Learning.
    And a heavy URL would a URL which the ML should consider specially, because a request to this URL would cause a high load on the pool member(s) and an attacker could consume all resources on the backend system with just a few requests. See this URL: 

    You would need a web application that has a similar URL, for example SELECT * FROM a large database.
    Then you try a low and slow attack on this URL and see how BaDOS recognizes and mitigates such attack.