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Apr 19, 2011

Health monitor to check File on server




I would like to test the presence of file on y server. How can do this ?


I didn't view default monitor for this check. Scrpting ? If it's scripting, do you have an example ?







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  • Hi David,



    What protocol do you want to use to check for the file?



    Do you want to check if the file exists or contains a specific string?



    Is this for LTM or GTM?



  • Hi Aaron,



    Thanks for your response.



    LTM Big IP 6900 v10.2



    I would check if the file exist.


    I test with monitor F5 SMB without success



    Thanks a lot








  • Hi David,



    There is an SMB monitor for LTM. You can see it in the LTM monitors section of the GUI when you click create. In looking at past cases, it seems that there might be a problem with it though.



    If you have any problems testing the inbuilt monitor, I'll upload a SMB/CIFS external monitor script to the monitoring codeshare today. I have a customer who needs this for GTM. I'll reply with a link once I'm done testing it.



  • Hi,



    There is a bug for default smb monitor in version 10.2.0



    You must create a script in /usr/bin/monitors/SMB_Monitor_custom with the rights 755



    And then add in local traffic/monitors menu an external script with the arguments "login" "password" "path"






    or this script






    Save as /usr/bin/monitors/SMB_monitor_custom.bash


    Make executable using chmod 755 /usr/bin/monitors/SMB_monitor_custom.bash



    Use a custom shell command to perform a health check of the pool member IP address and port



    Log debug to local0.debug (/var/log/ltm)?


    Check if a variable named DEBUG exists from the monitor definition


    This can be set using a monitor variable DEBUG=0 or 1



    These arguments are supplied for all calls to that monitor


    command : smbget -u login -p pass -w domain smb://server/path_to_file


    $1 = IP_V6


    $2 = port


    $3 = login


    $4 = pass


    $5 = domain


    $6 = complete path to the (empty) file to check



    if [ -n "$DEBUG" ]




    if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]; then logger -p local0.debug "EAV `basename $0`: \$DEBUG: $DEBUG"; fi




    If the monitor config didn't specify debug, enable/disable it here




    logger -p local0.debug "EAV `basename $0`: \$DEBUG: $DEBUG"





    Remove IPv6/IPv4 compatibility prefix (LTM passes addresses in IPv6 format)


    IP=`echo $1 | sed 's/::ffff://'`



    Save the port for use in the shell command





    Check if there is a prior instance of the monitor running


    pidfile="/var/run/`basename $0`.$IP.$"


    if [ -f $pidfile ]




    kill -9 `cat $pidfile` > /dev/null 2>&1


    logger -p local0.error "EAV `basename $0`: exceeded monitor interval, needed to kill ${IP}:${PORT} with PID `cat $pidfile`"





    Add the current PID to the pidfile


    echo "$$" > $pidfile





    if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]




    Customize the log statement here if you want to log the command run


    logger -p local0.debug "EAV `basename $0`: Running for ${IP}:${PORT} using smbget -u "$3" -p "$4" -w "$5" -O -q smb://${IP}/$6"





    Send the request request and check the response


    smbget -u "$3" -p "$4" -w "$5" -O -q smb://${IP}/$6 >/dev/null 2>&1



    Check if the command ran successfully


    Note that any standard output will result in the script execution being stopped


    So do any cleanup before echoing to STDOUT


    if [ $? -eq 1 ]




    if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]; then logger -p local0.debug "EAV `basename $0`: Succeeded for ${IP}:${PORT}"; fi


    echo "UP"




    if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]; then logger -p local0.debug "EAV `basename $0`: Failed for ${IP}:${PORT}"; fi





    rm -f $pidfile




    Thx Hoolio for ur help





  • Hi David,



    Sorry I forgot to post a link to the script here when I finished it. Did you open a case with F5 Support to determine there is a bug with the SMB monitor in 10.2.0? If so, what's the BZ ID?



    Did you have any problems with the Codeshare example?



    Thanks, Aaron
  • Hi Hoolio,



    I didn't open a case with F5 but with my integrator Télindus.



    I didn't have any pb with the codeshare example. It works good ;) ;)



    Thanks a lot