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Aug 04, 2022

Has Nameserver reference in Zone creation changed?

We have an old BIG-IP 11.6.1 GTM where we have a nameserver in partition Common2, and being referenced by a Zone that's in the Common partition.

I tried doing the same thing in our newer BIG-IP (15.0.1) GTM but realized it's not populating the nameserver list with any nameserver from the Common2 partition. 

Is this a change in functionality or did I miss a configuration point somewhere?

Thanks for any help!

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  • Thats a fairly big jump in BIG-IP versions. You can almost guarantee changes in functionality let alone the product rename.

    User defined partitions such as Common2 can refer to objects in Common but not the other way around. So it cannot see or use the conifiguration in Common2. User defined partitions cannot see objects in other user defined partitions.

    See Invalid Object Referencing - AskF5 | Manual Chapter: Administrative Partitions 

  • I did read that chapter on partitions, and from what I could find, it's the same for the 11.6.1 version. Which left me confused as to why we were able to do it before.

    Regardless, seems like we need to find our way forward with what's clearly stated. 

    Thanks for the reply!