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Oct 05, 2022

Gy Diameter irule example

Dear experts, I am studying the Gy diameter MRF to make a routing based on the IMSI and  3GPP-Charging-Characteristics but those are under the AVP grouped.  Can anyone please suggest how can i extr...
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    Oct 12, 2022

    try something like below.

    replace parent with subscription-id

    replace avp1 with subscription-id-type, avp1 value would be either 0 or 1 (set to match what you are looking for)

    replace avp2 with subscription-id-data

    vendor-id is optional, you can remove them or set to 0


    # <parentAvpName>
    set count [DIAMETER::avp count <parentAvpCode> vendor-id <parentAvpVendorId>]
    set index 0
    set myavp ""
    while { $index < $count } {
    set parent [DIAMETER::avp data get <parentAvpCode> grouped vendor-id <parentAvpVendorId> index $index]
    # <avp1Name>
    set child [DIAMETER::avp data get <avp1Code> <avp1Format> vendor-id <avp1VendorId> source $parent]
    if { $child == "<avp1ValueId>" } {
    # <avp0Name>
    set myavp [DIAMETER::avp data get <avp0Code> <avp0Format> vendor-id <avp0VendorId> source $parent]
    incr index

     note that you can generate this from diameter wizard (or diameter iAppsLX)