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Jul 20, 2015

GTM Inbound Link Load Balancing

Hi Forum,


Just a quick question.


I am working on a project where a single data center has two links to two different ISP. I am trying to work out if it is possible to inbound load balancing.


The simple behavior we are looking for is that , which ever ISP the DNS request arrives on, we would like the response to go back over the same link. We have to routers and each router has a static routes, so we just need the GTM to know which ISP link to sent it to.


The idea I have to do this is to create the VIP on the LTM twice. One VIP would have the public IP address space from one ISP and the other VS would have the IP from the address of the other ISP


If I add both these links to the GTM as links, I see I can only load balance either using billing or ratio.


So I was thinking if I have both VS public IP address in a single pool and select RTT pool level load balancing, would this be able to in bound load balance.


What is the normal way to make if we have two links in the same DC, to make sure the traffic leaves on the link it arrived on.


Thanks Graham


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