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Oct 21, 2011

GTM Failover to other datecenter (other pool)




we have a GTM and one of wide ip configured for last resort pool , with Manual resume.


whenever parent pool goes down or GTM sense issue in between GTM and LTM _1 it will failover d trafiic to last resort pool i.e. LTM_2 (in other datacenter).


in this case we have to manual enable pool at LTM_1. after which we start finding root cause of failover, we didn't find any issue in the network.. .below r my question:



1) what could be d possible reason for failover?


2) if this happen due to any network glitch between GTM & LTM, can we set any time interval on GTM which GTM keep monitoring LTM.



our alert system didnt showed network issue for such instance.




Thanks in Advance,




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  • I have seen issues in the past where a pool appears like it is up and working but will drop at times. When I looked at config there was a health monitor on the pool's for the GTM. If this is the case remove health monitor. LTM VS status is determined by iquery.