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Apr 30, 2012

GTM as a DNS

Hi Folks,


What seemed to be a really simple DNS config is not working on the GTM.


Here is what I am trying to do.



I am trying to configure view on the GTM zone.


So I have this IP


My client does a PTR query on this IP and depending on the port the query comes in (Assume my GTM has 4 ports.) the GTM should return it a different domain



If query comes in on port 1 ->


port2 ->


port3 ->


port4 ->




So I am creating a view in named.conf ->


view port 1 {


match-destinations {






match-clients {






zone {


type master;


file "/var/named/config/namedb/";








Similarly I have it for port 2, 3 and 4



Now coming to zone file SOA


Serial no;







10 PTR




So I checked the zone (named-checkzone) and named.conf and its good.


But when I do a -x


The GTM does not reply.



I am on GTM ver 9.4.8




Would really appreciate your help.







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