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Jun 20, 2012

get_policy_list stopped working in v11.1




I was using get_policy_list method in v10.1. Same code returns only one policy in v11.1. My web app has one active policy and one policy in recycle bin.



How to get all policies for web app in v11.1 ?



Thank you



my (@webapp_names) = @_;



my $soapResponse = $AppInterface->get_policy_list





SOAP::Data->name(webapp_names => [@webapp_names])








my @PolicyList = @{$soapResponse->result};


my $policy_count = @PolicyList ;



print "---->policy_count $policy_count\n" ;



my $p = @PolicyList[0];



my @policies = @{ $p }; array of hashes




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  • I am not familiar with this interface but I asked a colleague and he said the following. Does it help?



    In 11.1.0 there was a big feature in ASM named "Single policy", which means only one active policy exists per webapp (others are inactive aka offline, and they are not associated to any webapp).


    Thus the customer receives only one policy for the webapp.


    In order to receive all policies, there is another method in Policy interface - get_list().


  • Thank you, Todd.



    This can be used as a workaround, but how can I activate the policy from recycle bin with iControl ?