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Dec 29, 2021

Form Based SSO

Hi, everyone.

Got some problem while making irule for my web app. Trying to SSO Form Based Client Initiated.

All I need to add credentials to POST and not making any changes in hidden values of form.

But. I cant find FORM, because it`s created by javascript.

Is there any way to make BIG IP create POST Request after successfull authorize in Login Page with adding only creds in payload and not modify another parameters and values?


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  • Sounds that you're trying to enable SSO for a dynamically built HTTP form. Here's an iRule that can help you enable SSO for such logins.



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      Not exactly what Im looking for.

      What`s wee need is iRule same actions that Form Based SSO Configuration makes.

      Generate POST Request with creds in payload and add needed cookie value from 1st response GET.

      • This iRule will also generate a POST. It uses javascript to perform the, which will post the form with the required creds. Can you tell more about this web app? Is it available online?