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Nov 17, 2021

Flux RTP/RTCP Big-ip Edge client (AlwaysON)

Hello guys,



I have been deployed the Big-IP Edge client in AlwaysON mode on the computers. We use the softphone client Jabber for the phone communication. 


My probleme is that when an user from the VPN want to call someone else in the local network or in external, the communication SIP is established so the phone rinnging etc...but the client aren't recevie the RTP/RTCP flux.


(preserve Source Port Strict is already Enabled on the Connectivity Network Access)


I did an tcpdump on the F5 and I can see my RTP/RTCP flux send to the client


Maybe this probleme is apparead after the upgrade in V15.1.3 or after the big-ip edge client released V7213.2021.527



Do you know if the are some know issues about this problem ? 



How I can decrypt the traffic come from the tunnel SSL (big-ip edge client) on the client with wireshark ? I would like to see if my RTP/RTCP packet arrive correctly to my client


Thanks you for your answers





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  • i can imagine this becomes complex routing wise depending on where the other clients are and if traffic from one client is allowed to another. with voip the call setup is sometimes via a central point and then the RTP traffic between the end points.


    you can just capture on the client device with wireshark what comes out of the tunnel. look for the Local Area Connection <ID> which has traffic going when connect and be sure to disable Promiscuous, else traffic will stop.