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May 02, 2012

Flipping Clusters for a Virtual Server

I'm new to F5 and would like to understand what is the best method to achieve the following:



- A virtual Server ( has a pool of 4 members of which 2 should be active at one time. How can I automate the switch-over or the flipping of the active/inactive members?




Manually, I can go to Local Traffic ›› Pools : Pool List ›› and under the members tab I can enable or disable specific members. But doing this to 20-40 different pools will be a pain. Therefore I'm hoping I can automate this process.




With our current "old" Cisco CSS 11501, we run a script command with the CSS which enables the suspended pair and disables the currently active pair of IPs with no service interruptions.




Can anyone help me out?








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  • Hi Sev,

    You've included the hostname of your BIG-IP in the quote "Local Traffic ›› Pools : Pool List ››". You might want to edit your post to change that to text instead of a URL.

    You can create two separate pools of servers and then use the active_members command to select a pool:

    if {[active_members primary_pool]}{
     Use the primary pool
    pool primary_pool
    } elseif {[active_members secondary_pool]}{
    pool secondary_pool
    } else {
     Take some default action?