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Mar 10, 2011

fast DNS with two answers




Searching in the irule wiki home, i found a code called fast_dns. This irule can be applied to reply querys of an a particular host (FQDN) to client directly from the F5.



I configured this for a client, but in their particular case, it need that the answer for a host (FQDN) will be a couple of ip address. I tried to modify this irule but until this moment i can´t do it work .



Is there a way to configure it?



thanks in advance



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  • Hi Erneri,



    try the new version...




    what you need is customize static::domain and static::answer_string variable in RULE_INIT



  • Nat,



    Thanks for your quick answer. I'll try to customize this irule with our custumer. Actually we resolved this with the next code





    when RULE_INIT {


    Header generation (in hexadecimal)


    qr(1) opcode(0000) AA(1) TC(0) RD(1) RA(1) Z(000) RCODE(0000)


    set ::header1 "8580"


    set ::header2 "8580"


    1 question, 1 answer, 0 NS, 0 Addition


    set ::header1 "${::header1}0001000200000000"


    set ::header2 "${::header2}0001000100000000"


    Name =


    set ::answer1 ""


    set ::answer2 ""



    Type = A


    set ::answer1 "${::answer1}0001"


    set ::answer2 "${::answer2}0001"


    Class = IN


    set ::answer1 "${::answer1}0001"


    set ::answer2 "${::answer2}0001"


    TTL = 1 day


    set ::answer1 "${::answer1}00015180"


    set ::answer2 "${::answer2}00015180"


    Data length = 4


    set ::answer1 "${::answer1}0004"


    set ::answer2 "${::answer2}0004"


    Address =


    set ::answer1 "${::answer1}01010101"


    set ::answer2 "${::answer2}02020202"


    log local0. "match init"




    when CLIENT_DATA {


    binary scan [UDP::payload] H4@12A*@12H* id dname question


    set dname [string tolower [getfield $dname \x00 1 ] ]


    switch -glob $dname {


    "\x03www\x02f5\x03com" {


    set payload [binary format H* ${id}${::header1}${question}${::answer1}${::answer2} ]




    UDP::respond $payload


    UDP::payload replace 0 0 $payload




    default {


    log local0. "does not match"











    As soon as we test it, we´ll post our results




    Thanks again





  • Hi erneri,



    Are you on 10.x? If so, you can make the iRule CMP compatible by changing the global variables ($::header1, etc) to statics ($static::header1, etc).