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May 04, 2012

F5 Traffic Processing

If pool members assigned to a Virtual are ALL UP, meaning available on the network, pingable from F5, but monitor attached to the pool marks them ALL down,



will F5 process incoming traffic for those pool members or will it not?


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  • If the pool members are marked down by a monitor, the VS will not load balance to them. What do you want to happen?



  • Thanks for the quick response hoolio.



    Actually, the issue is that we have a pool of servers, configured with reversnpath VS for accessing internet sites. But there are no monitors applied to the pool.



    Now the question is , will the pool members be marked down ?



    If and when they( pool members) initiate outbound traffic to access INET sites, will F5 process that outbound traffic?



    Or is it mandatory that monitor needs to be applied to every pool to enable pool members be marked as UP?



    Will F5 not ever show pool members as UP, if NO monitors are ever applied to it and therefore process inbound/outbound traffic from them?
  • A pool member with no monitor will be marked as unknown and used in load balancing. If you have a node monitor, the pool member will inherit the status from that.



    It's a best practice to at least configure an ICMP monitor to avoid load balancing to a failing destination.



    Can you email me at < aaron at f5 dot com >? I have a question.



    Thanks, Aaron