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Feb 15, 2024

F5 Pools and use of healthchecks in F5 for 0 downtime deploys

Hi,    We are hoping to use healthchecks in our apps that are loadbalanced by F5s to achieve 0 downtime or high availability.

we have healthchecks being setup in our app to respond to /health/live, /health/ready, /health/startup.

i am curious if folks have done these high availability deploys in F5 using the healthchecks and how the F5 responds to these when a deploy is happening to a node.  Will it see the healthcheck missing and quickly pull the node out of the pool or disable it?

If this isnt the case,  do we need to programmatically pull nodes out of the pool to update and then place them back after we have determined the health? (this would be determining the health outside of the F5)

Is there any documentation related to this?

Do customers use the healthcheck ability and allow the F5 to do the disable of node automatically?

Thanks in advance 

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