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Dec 03, 2010

F5 LTM with Citrix Xenapp

Good Evening,



We are using the F5 LTM and Citrix Xenapp, what we want to do is perform the SSL termination and replace the Citrix Access Gateway functionality on the F5 we only use basic functions in the Citrix Access Gateway and we do not use AAC.



My supplier informs me that we have to use the APM module however I do not believe this is correct.



Any examples suggestions I have read the F5 Deployment guide and this does not make refrence to APM.



My understanding is and please correct me if I am wrong is that to do basic Citrix Access Gateway passthru we can use the F5 LTM however if we wished to duplicate the AAC components of Citrix then we need the APM module?








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    Hi Greg,



    It might be best to chat with one of our inside sales reps for your area, but I'll give you a brief answer based on what I'm reading.



    If the only thing you want to do is terminate the SSL traffic on the BIG-IP, then you don't need APM. However, if you want to do access control and authorization, then you do need it.



    I hope that clears up a bit of confusion--again, I would recommend chatting with an F5 sales rep for further clarification.





  • Greg, did you ever get anywhere with this? We're looking at doing the same thing, but can't quite figure out the proper way to go about it.



  • Steve,



    Have you looked at ? We have a dedicated Citrix-focused forum on DevCentral now, and our Citrix solution has evolved and is extremely robust now. Please visit our Citrix forum, read the collateral, and post your questions and/or experiences there - and we'll definitely be there to help.



  • Steve,



    The answer is basically if you wish to present Citrix across the WEB using the traditional CAG/AAC approach then you need the APM module to support the ICA tunnell etc.



    If this is internal on your lan and you do not nee the SSL/ICA tunnell I believe you can fudge with the LTM.



    Sadly I needed a web facing Xenapp solution so the APM module had to be purchased.



    Works well though.