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Mar 14, 2023

f5 logs to azure

I have configured my F5 to forward the system, ltm and asm logs to azure sentinel by referring the below resource.

Under the system metrics settings, the AVR is installed, to push the declaration i need to execute below commands

tmsh modify analytics global-settings { offbox-protocol tcp offbox-tcp-addresses add { } offbox-tcp-port 6514 use-offbox enabled } 
tmsh save /sys config 

 I want to know before executing the above in F5 cli, is there any HA failover or disruption is expected?

Accordingly, i will have to prepare my activity.

My F5 is in Azure cloud deployed as an HA (A-S).


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  • Hi shaikhzaid, it should not cause a problem on the dataplane, however the config save (depending on how big your configuration is) might cause a slight delay in your CLI/GUI/API operations.