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Mar 19, 2020

F5 Big-IP REST API Throughput bits/sec

I'm developing a custom dashboard for F5 Big-IP device on python. Right now I'm using the following API endpoints to fetch throughput data:


But these endpoints give the data in pkts/sec format. I need to get the data in bits/sec or bytes/sec format. I tried to execute tmsh command 'tmsh show sys performance throughput' inside python but when i run the code it disables the F5 Big-IP interface on web browser so we don't want that to happen. Is there a way to achieve getting the data in bits/sec or bytes/sec format without using tmsh commands? If yes then which endpoints or commands can i use?

Tmos version of my device is


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  • Try running it via the bash command:

    curl -sk -u 'admin:admin' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST  \
        -d '{"command": "run", "utilCmdArgs": "-c \"tmsh -q show sys performance throughput\""}' \
        https://<BIG-IP>/mgmt/tm/util/bash | jq .
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      Thanks for your answer but i asked specifically whether i can do this without running tmsh commands, you are offering me to use tmsh commands but just in a different environment.

  • Realize this is some time ago; however, this call will get you what you're looking for - https://mgmt_IP/mgmt/tm/sys/performance/throughput


    For additional stats a get to "/mgmt/tm/sys/performance" will show many other stats as well.