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Oct 24, 2011

f5 Big-IP console connectivity to WTI Consol Server

Trying to connect several f5 Big-IP's console (db9) to a Wti TSM-40 (RJ45) Console Server. The UTP cable is Cat6 Straight thru cable.



I have tried just about every combination with no luck. Even those provided by Wti did not work.



My DB9 to RJ45 adapter is pinned as shown:



RJ-45 Color


1 Blue


2 Orange


3 Black


4 Red


5 Green


6 Yellow


7 Brown


8 White



I have tied the associated RTS-CTS, RXD-TXD and so on again with no success.



Has anyone connected F5 Big-IP's to a Wti Console Server?

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  • just wondering if this is helpful.



    sol587: Pinouts for serial terminal cables used to connect to F5 products