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Mar 13, 2012

external monitor always marking nodes down

I am writing a script (which borrows heavily from some devcentral examples) that will ssh to a server and test for the presence of a file. If the file is there, the host should be marked down and therefore nothing is sent to stdout. If there is no file present, the server should be marked up, so "UP" is sent to stdout.



I've configured ssh to work without typing a password, and when I run the script manually from the command line it is behaving as expected. However, when I use it as an external monitor in my LTM, the monitored nodes are consistently marked down regardless of the presence or absence of the tested file. I'm guessing I'm confused about how the LTM is interpreting the exit codes but I can't figure out what is happening exactly. Here is the script, can anyone offer any advice on what I am doing wrong?










Log debug to local0.debug (/var/log/ltm)


Check if a variable named DEBUG exists from the monitor definition


This can be set using a monitor variable DEBUG=0 or 1


if [ -n "$DEBUG" ]




if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]; then echo "EAV `basename $0`: \$DEBUG: $DEBUG" | logger -p local0.debug;






If the monitor config didn't specify debug, enable/disable it here




echo "EAV `basename $0`: \$DEBUG: $DEBUG" | logger -p local0.debug





Remove IPv6/IPv4 compatibility prefix (LTM passes addresses in IPv6 format)


NOTE - $1 variable is IP address, and it is set automatically by the LTM.


IP=`echo $1 | sed 's/::ffff://'`



Check if there is a prior instance of the monitor running


pidfile="/var/run/`basename $0`.$"


if [ -f $pidfile ]




kill -9 `cat $pidfile` > /dev/null 2>&1


echo "EAV `basename $0`: exceeded monitor interval, needed to kill ${IP} with PID `cat $pidfile`" | logger -p local0.error





Add the current PID to the pidfile


echo "$$" > $pidfile





if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]




Customize the log statement here if you want to log the command run or the output


echo "EAV `basename $0`: Running ssh monitor for ${IP} using custom command" | logger -p local0.debug





Send the request request and check the response


ssh -i /root/healthcheck/.ssh/healthcheck_id_rsa -l healthcheck $1 "test ! -f /tmp/server_down.txt" > /dev/null 2>$1



If the file is there, node will be marked down.


If file is missing, node will be marked up.



if [ $? == 0 ]




echo "UP"


if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]; then echo "EAV `basename $0`: Succeeded for ${IP}:$2" | logger -p local0.debug; fi




if [ $DEBUG -eq 1 ]; then echo "EAV `basename $0`: Failed for ${IP}:$2" | logger -p local0.debug; fi




rm -f $pidfile








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  • Ok, I had a typo in the script that was causing my problems. I the main line:



    > /dev/null 2>$1


    should have been


    > /dev/null 2>&1



    After fixing it, it the monitor work as expected. Go figure....


    Thanks for F5 support for the extra set of eyes.