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Jul 12, 2011

Exchange Virtual Servers Source Traffic

I'm sure this is a very basic question but how would I go about getting details about the source IP addresses for the connections coming into an Exchange Virtual Server? The embedded statistics for the Exchange Virtual Server I have shows that it is load balancing a total of X number of connections accouting for Y amount of traffic and I'd like to see the details of that to determine if I have one source consuming more than all others.

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  • Hi Gerald,



    What are you trying to do with the source IP address information? Report on it or take some action like throttling them?



    For reporting, if you're on 10.1+ or can upgrade to it, you could use High Speed Logging to log each TCP connection (or HTTP request) to a remote pool of syslog servers. In some informal perf testing of HSL I saw very little additional CPU used when logging every HTTP request to a VS (up to the max of the test equipment at ~200k requests/second). See the HSL wiki page for details on using high speed logging from an iRule:



    To take action based on the client IP, you could use the table command to track which IPs are accessing the virtual server:



  • Also, upcoming Application Visibility Reporting feature in v11 is going to provide a variety of on-demand statistics regarding traffic source, distribution, application performance, etc. Feel free to check it out at - but hurry, beta ends at the end of this week.