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Aug 05, 2011

Exchange 2010 RPC Dependancy

The Exchange 2010 template and guides put HTTP monitors on the HTTP pool members and an RPC/MAPI monitor on the MAPI Pool member. But we recently had an event where the CAS RPC service went down on one of our CAS servers (Exchange 2010 SP1 bug).



LTM correctly detected the issue, and disabled the MAPI pool member, but IIS was still up, so it continued to send HTTP traffic to that CAS server. This "seemed" to cause issues for the AnyWhere and ActiveSync users that were being sent to that server.




Does anyone know if the HTTP based Exchange services depend on the RPC CAS service to be running on the same CAS server? And if so, should we not be adding the MAPI monitor to either the HTTP Pool Members or the Nodes themselves?






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  • Hi,



    just add both Monitors to both pools. This will ensure that you only see pool members active which have HTTP and RPC up.