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Mar 22, 2012

Exchange 2010 and BigIP v11.1??

Does anyone have a successful setup with BigIP V11.1 and Exchange 2010 (with multiple front end CAS servers)? We have had alot of issues since setting it up. The main issue is authentication prompts that Outlook users get, and when a server is rebooted that a users Outlook is pointed to, instead of failing over to another server nicely they get a nice authentication prompt from within Outlook. I have had a ticket opened with F5 since Mid December and while they have worked hard to help figure this out, the issue is still occurring. There is also an issue of sometimes Outlook clients getting a "server not available" when loading Outlook. The only solution is to reboot the computer and then everything works fine. If a computer is manually pointed (via host file) to an Exchange server directly there are 0 issues, only when they go through the F5 do we get these problems.



I was wondering if someone had a similar setup that is working without issue so I could compare some settings and such to see if I can get this working.








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