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Jun 24, 2012

EDGE Gateway / LTM+WA in same BIG-IP

Have you come across with this configuration in BIG-IP?



Since you have an EDGE module, can I run LTM+WA in the same box?


While providing remote secure access, i can have WA on some of my servers?



I saw the EDGE gui with LTM|WA|APM|WOM, LTM+WA is there, but wanted to use for a different purpose; accelerating some web servers.



Any setbacks on this setup? thnx.


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  • With a device licensed as Edge Gateway, the functionality for LTM will be limited. With LTM license, you can add on two of the three Edge products, but not all three. The only current quad product combo is LTM+APM+ASM+WAM, and then only on the newer hardware (3900/6900/89xx/110xx). Please reference the product matrix on ask for more details: