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Oct 11, 2011

DNS Blacklisting on GTM

I'm trying to utilize the new iRules feature on the GTM to implement DNS blacklisting. I'd like to use a data group to contain all the blacklist domains, so as a very basic start for testing I tried to do something like the following:





if { [class match [DNS::rrname] equals dns_blacklist_datagroup] } {


cname ""







But the problem is that on the GTM side it doesn't recognize the class functions and on the LTM side it doesn't recognize the DNS functions. Does anyone know if this is possible, to use both the class functions and DNS functions in an iRule?



I plan to have the GTM in-line between the clients and DNS servers (ie. it will load balance DNS traffic to back-end DNS servers). With that said, I'm not sure where I apply the iRule if I'm successful in getting it to work; on the GTM side, the only place to apply it seems to be on a Wide IP and on the LTM side the DNS functions don't work. Any idea where to place an iRule to operate on all DNS traffic?









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  • Hey Mark,



    This may be addressed in V11.1. I quickly tested a few examples on a 11.1 GTM.



    Hugh O. recently shared a DNS Blacklist solution he worked on which may be more then you need, but you


    can likely leverage some of it. Its a good read regardless :)










    One thing with these links: it may have been done on an LTM/GTM, where the GUI exposes the LTM irule and Virtual. ON a GTM


    standalone I tested with, I used tmsh to add the ltm datagroup, irule, and then associate the rule to the GTM Listener.



    the cname command seems to be valid only with a GTM listener, so on the LTM side I used DNS::answer. This was a quickie, so


    it may need more tweaking:



    when DNS_REQUEST {


    if { [class match [DNS::question name] eq dns_blacklist] } {




    DNS::answer clear


    DNS::answer insert "[DNS::question name] 30 IN CNAME"







    - b