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Apr 08, 2011

Different Time Zone cause cause load balancers failover

I have a switch where 2 LB's were connected was configured to use the CST timestamp while the LB's are located Africa/Lome timezone. Both devices are used the different NTP servers. how the time zone set on load balancer could cause load balancers a failover ?


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  • I wouldn't expect it to cause a fail-over but could definitely see it causing config-sync not to work. What do your logs say? Have you created a support ticket?
  • You can probably check the contents of /var/log/ltm on both units to see why they failed over.
  • got a support ticket created with F5 :




    realized that the TIME ZONE or a difference of time between the switch and load balancer could not be a cause of the failover event. Indeed, if so, it would have occurred again in the past 2 months since it happened last time.


    Some evidences in the logs really pointed to a switch port fault and then, the load balancer triggered a failover event, which is expected.


    At this point I do not recommend any changes on Load balancer time zone settings and if this event occurs again I would recommend to check the switch´s ports and LACP transactions (status/logs).



    Anyways we are gonna close this for the time being and monitor if it happens again...



    thx guys for the help