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Feb 22, 2012

Deploying F5 in the network

Hi Jason,


I need your guidence for deploying F5 load balancers in network.


My client network has Cisco CSS in place and we are planning to migrate it to F5.



If you could guide me how can i successfully migrate to F5. would be really appreciated.







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  • have you contacted local F5 SE? they have a tool which helps in converting.
  • There are actually conversion scripts in the design/config codeshare:



    Advanced Design & Config Code Share




    Cisco - Cisco Conversion Scripts supporting CSS, CSM and ACE




  • I have not contacted local SE yet. But initially just want to understand how can accomplish this using F5.




  • thanks Aaron! i just knew the script is also available here.



    Manish, feel free to post here if you have any further question. cheer!