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Jan 24, 2013

delegate dns traffic to wide IP's

I am new to the GTM, and I have set up GSLB on other platforms.


I need to redirect dns requests to the GTM, in order to forward traffic to an 'UP' device that would be a member of a pool/server/virtual server.


I am working on making sense of the 'jargon' of the GTM how all the pieces relate. The Manuals explain what each piece is but not so much on the relationships between the pieces.


i.e. servers to virtual servers to pools etc....


i.e. listeners... ip addresses of listeners what ip should be used ...


There is some crossover between LTM elements used in GTM....



I am looking for something a little more descriptive, pictoral representation....


If I can't find that, I may be forced to present a list of my questions .. :(


Many Thanks !



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