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Jun 24, 2011

Custom error log tags

I support a install that uses both a pair of Enterprise Managers and several syslog servers. What I have been asked to do, is to help create error log tags that the syslog monitors can use to generate alerts from. I have been searching for an article or paper that might list these tags for me. Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list somewhere?


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  • Hi Valentine,



    Can you check the .h files on an LTM under /etc/alertd/*.h? Is that the type of info you're looking for?



    SOL6420 might also have some relevant background info:





  • Actually, the two syslog systems these guys use here, dump messages to a flat file. Then we have to write scripts looking for specific words or such to flag and generate an alert from. What would be the most helpful, would be a listing of the error codes per software level like Cisco does here:





    From printouts like these, I can write alerts, automate notification, and such.