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Sep 01, 2020

CSR instead of real certificate in SSL client profile

Hi guys,


I recently have seen at a customer a SSL profile which was referencing a certificate signing request and key + CA rather than the real certificate.

While this seems strange, my question is if is there any impact in the functionality in having a CSR + root CA rather than the real one?

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  • and this is working fine? how will the client see the CN and get the public key and check for cert validity and stuff like that?

  • It's should be a signed public key certificate, not a CSR in the client profile. I'm surprised the BigIP even let this happen.

  • It shows "RSA Certificate, Key & Certificate Signing Request" whereas other certificates show only "RSA Certificate & Key". Does that actually mean that the CSR was generated on the LB itself?

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        Hi Bryan,

        I have the same situation, showing me "RSA Certificate, Key & Certificate Signing Request" for a specific certificate. I have no other Content like that on our LB but only "RSA Certificate, Key " . What I've done was just to renew a certificate which was going to expire, sent it to be signed by our PKI and import the new certificate. I don't understand why the CSR is still there and how can I get rid of it. Is this happening because something wrong on my side when I generated the CSR or by my colleague who signed the certificate on PKI?


        Thank you!