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Aug 04, 2021

Creating CRLDP configuration in non-Common partition fails

Hi All,


One of our customers tries to create a AMP AAA CRLDP configuration object with 'No Server' in the 'Server Connection' part of the configuration.

After pressing Finish, the configuration is changed to 'Direct' with IP-address :: It does not make a difference when we use CLI or GUI to create the configuration.


Customer is on version Build 0.0.4 Point Release 6 and maybe this version also has the bug from Bug ID 528064 (

But the solution mentioned in the article (modifying the object via CLI) did not solve the problem.


We found out that creating the CRLDP object within the Common partition is working. Choosing 'No Server' and pressing Finish keeps the correct configuration.


Has anyone seen this before? Creating an object in the non-Common partition is not working as expected?


I have tested this in my lab (version and could create the object in a non-Common partition without problems.


Is there a way to fix this without an upgrade?




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