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Feb 13, 2024

Correcting date & time in F5 (VE)

Hi All,

 Just want to check, even after setting the correct time zone, F5 virtual Appliance in AWS is showing wrong time. Please share the cli command to manually set the correct date & time without rebooting F5 appliance.

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  • Do you have NTP servers configured? (you can check this by running the following command)

    list sys ntp servers


    If you do, then you can do a manually NTP sync with the NTP server by using the following commands:

    run util bash
    ntpdate -u <NTP SERVER IP>


  • Hi Preet_pk,


    Log into the BIG-IP command line, to change the operating system time, use the following command syntax:

    date <month><day><hour><minute><year>.<second>
    The specific format is as follows:
    For example, to set the time to 2:00pm on March 4, 2021, type the following command:
    date 030414002021.00

    To save the time to the hardware clock (BIOS), type the following command:

    hwclock --systohc