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Jan 25, 2011

Contest for Dell employees - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!

I'd like to announce the six winners of our Dell contest!



Mark Allen


Kevin Davies


David Elkins


Mark McClung


Luis Orozco


Cliff Stidham



These six winners were selected at random from 100+ Dell employees around the world - congrats!! Please send me a PM with your address so I can send out your GC.



I'd also like to thank everyone that has joined our community so far. In the few short weeks that we've been in existance, we've quickly become one of the fastest growing groups on DevCentral. Please be sure to let others know about us and encourage them to join us!



-- Rob









We've decided to extend this to 2/28 since FRS and Dell's EOY made things a little crazy last week. Good luck!






Dell's Field Readiness Seminar is underway in Las Vegas this week, and many Dell folks have come by the F5 booth during the Expo to learn more about what we're doing here at DevCentral.



So as a way to increase our Dell membership during FRS, we'd like to launch a little contest:



Anyone who works for Dell and is a registered member of this Dell DevCentral Community by 7:00 CST on February 1st will be entered for a drawing for one of six $50 gift cards. That should give everyone a few days post-FRS to catch your breath and register



I'm hoping we can do similar things in the future to involve our full audience, but we'll need to keep this one just for Dell employees at this time.



So, who's going to win $50?



Good luck!


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