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Mar 07, 2014

Connecting Serial Faiover Cable

We have a redundant pair of F5 ver 10.2.4 Build 817. It was setup as a layer 2 HA pair with a Network Failover enable. I was asked to add a serial failover cable. What is the safe way to add the cable? Do I have disable the Network Failover on both units?


Much appreciated.


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  • got a support contract? i would just ask this to support. please do share their answer :)
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    HA fail over, in later releases of TMOS, is favoring Network Failover. Additionally Serial failover only works on a pair of devices. In v11.x there is support for Device Service Clusters which scales beyond 2 devices.


    My point being that if you upgrade your 10.2.4 unit to a current release of code the chances are that you may not leverage Serial Failover.


    In anycase, I would use the guidelines from: SOL11215: Upgrading an active/standby BIG-IP high availability pair :



    Section: Upgrading an active/standby BIG-IP high availability pair configured with serial cable failover


    Ie, ignoring the upgrade part, but taking the guidance on disabling the respective HA triggers, and building the pair up (serial and network) and re-enabling the HA triggers