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Jun 14, 2011

configuring LTM VE in network

Hi, I want to ask regarding ltm ve configuration for using in network



I try to setup big-ip with host only adapter for mgmt port and using 1 vlan 1.1 setup at bridge mode. By doing this I manage to have setting up virtual server in within the subnet But by using this I can't access big-ip from another machine.



I have created an application to control big-ip like setting up virtual servers, rules, etc in a server. So I need big-ip to be accessible from another machine. Anyone can tell me how to do that? Because when I try to set big-ip mgmt to bridge mode and use ip address on the same subnet, i cannot assign ip address as it has the same subnet with mgmt ip address.



for information,


IP address for server which have application to control big-ip is


Virtual Server


1.1 VLAN self ip


machine which running


all above within the subnet


LTM VE mgmt ip


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  • Hi Fiko,



    If you only have one network that's reachable off the host, I'd set the mgmt port to use a host only adapter and use a self IP to administer the VE instance remotely. You can then define virtual servers on the same subnet as the self IP.



  • Hi Aaron




    thanks for your reply, I have self IP, can u tell me how to administer VE instance remotely by using self IP?


  • You can use a browser to go to or an SSH client like Putty to get to the command line. For console access you can use your hypervisor's virtual console.






  • thanks Aaron for your help, its working by now



    but I got another problem when connecting to pool member which has the same address with the application server. Status said its unavailable.



    when I try to ping from console it didn't get any replies. Is it because its in different subnet with LTM VE so I cannot use it as pool member? Is there any way to make as pool member?


  • You'll need a route to hosts on a different subnet than the self IP address. You can configure a TMM route via the GUI under Network >> Routes. Once you have a route, you can configure a remote host as a pool member. You'll want to use SNAT (automap or a SNAT pool) on the virtual server to ensure responses come back to the client via LTM.



  • hi Aaron



    I don't know how to configure TMM route but I set up default gateway in Routes and use VLAN as resource now can connect from different subnet. But when configuring pool member, I already set SNAT to automap but when I access virtual server ip, I cannot get response from the server (server not found). How to resolve this?
  • A default gateway in the routes section of the GUI is a TMM route. Can you change it from a VLAN to an actual gateway IP address and retest?



  • OK change to gateway IP address now can load balance from Pool



    thanks Aaron for your help