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May 16, 2021

Configure Parent of an ASM Policy

Hi! I'm checking the declarative WAF Policy Schema in, and I can't find how to configure which is the Parent Policy of a Policy. Is it supported?



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  • In the JSON file, it appears that you can edit either line 3858 or 3859:


    "type" : {

    "description" : "The type of policy you want to create. The default policy type is Security.\n- **Parent:** A parent policy can be used as a basis for similar child policies. Parent policy settings can be inherited to its child policies. A parent policy cannot be applied to Virtual Servers. No traffic can flow through them. They are just models.\n- **Security:** A security policy can be created from a parent policy or as a stand-alone policy. Changes to a security policy do not affect other security policies. A security policy can be applied to a virtual server.",

    "enum" : [




    "type" : "string"